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Drawings by REX uncirculated pointillistic art print men interest 8.5x11 26813

Drawings by REX uncirculated pointillistic art print men interest 8.5x11 26813

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The artist began in New York in the mid sixties when his meticulous pen and ink drawings in a pointillist style first gained notoriety at a seminal moment in gay history when photographic erotica was still illegal, but drawings and stories were protected by Supreme Court Free Speech rulings. His art was showcased in a number of pioneering gay publications, many of which became landmarks in gay media, such as STRAIGHT TO HELL, THE ADVOCATE and DRUMMER. The artist's inimitable ink technique applied a romantic virtuoso ink technique to unsavory subject matter, combined with a riveting sense of high-style graphic design that was instrumental in helpint to raise gay media to new levels of sophistication and pointing the way for a new generation of gay artists to come out of the closet. With their lack of gray half-tones, his line-shot black and white drawings were ideal for reproduction in these early years of cheaply-printed off-set publications whose results were famous for dropping out half-tones. But it was his hardcore drawings in a series of self-published portfolios circulated underground that cemented his reputation as a leading artist of homoerotica over the next four decades. In addition to his hardcore illustrations, he produced poster art for such famous gay venues in New York and San Francisco as THE SAINT, THE PLEASURE CHEST, A TASTE OF LEATHER and the LONE STAR SALOON. His most famous work was a series of iconic posters, calendars and t-shirt designs for the legendary New York sex club, THE MINESHAFT. A numbered limited-edition hard-cover portfolio of his drawings was published in Paris in 1986, and a retrospective hardcover volume on his work, REX VERBOTEN is scheduled for world-wide distribution by the German publishing house BRUNO GMUENDER this coming fall. As the chiaroscuro illustrator of sexually perverse and psychologically disturbing imagery he became persona non grata in the world of legitimate American fine arts which was never able to domesticate his fearless and unapologetic visions of male sexuality. When his subject matter fell victim to the plague of political correctness and self-censorship that began intimidating gay media in the Reagan era, the artist relocated to Europe where he continues to live and work. A more extensive overview of his 40 year career may also be found online by Googling REXWERK dot com.

Today many REX images only exist in this printed format and have not been widely seen or made available in any other print format since their original publication. This original first-generation print from the artist's negative drawn from the original drawing is finely Uncirculated print is in pristine condition with no stains, marks, discolorations, fading, bent-corners, pin holes, writing, tape or glue marks on front or back. Not a digital print.

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